Southeast Asia CCGS - Finals Recap

Written by ChisinRPL

King’s Summary - Finals


● Tali - The first player to qualify for the Crown Championship Global Series World Finals done it in spectacular fashion, beating crowd favourite, TMD Xiake in a 3-0 sweep.
● Live audience - the Finals was held at Neo Studio, Taipei and it was open to public. The audience was treated to lucky draw to win Clash Royale merchandise, live orchestra performance and great Clash Royale matches.
● Bomb Tower - Often regarded as a meme/joke card due to its ineffectiveness in current meta, Detective Hecka managed to win with the Bomb Tower and proves once again the Southeast Asia region is the most diverse & creative in terms of deck choices.


● TMD - A few days after losing 2 of their marquee players, Aaron & YaoYao, to Nova eSports, Team Massive Dragon suffered a heartbreaking defeat at the Grand Finals. TMD Xiake didn’t stand a chance against a magnificent Tali and was beaten convincingly.


The CCGS SEA - Finals started with a stunning performance of live orchestra. The familiar music of Clash Royale and CCGS theme songs were played and created an electrifying atmosphere among the audience. Players introduction soon followed, accompanied by their story video.

Quarter-Final - Detective Hecka 3 - 1 Legend

Detective Hecka banned Legend’s favourite win condition, the 3 Musketeers, while Legend decided he did not want to deal with any sort of Miner variant deck.

● Game 1 - Hecka started the game by placing the Giant behind the King’s Tower, successfully baited Legend to reveal his game plan. Legend responded with a Battle Ram at the bridge and it played right into Hecka’s surprise, the Bomb Tower, making its first appearance in CCGS SEA to great effect as it is a great counter against Legend’s Bridge Spam strategy. Hecka managed to punish with his first push by using Giant/Minion/Archer/Poison combination to take down Legend’s first Princess Tower and controlled the game.
● Game 2 - Both players changed their decks as Legend opted for the siege weapon, X-bow as his win condition. It was a good decision to play it against Hecka’s Lava Hound/Balloon deck. The game was as good as over as soon as Legend play his first X-bow. The Skeletons and Archers were Hecka’s only ground units and they weren’t good enough to distract the siege weapon long enough before it locked on to the Princess Tower. Legend’s Inferno Tower was the perfect counter for the Lava Hound as well, rendered all of Hecka’s pushes useless.
● Game 3 - The match score is tied at 1-1 and both players decided to change their decks again. Hecka opted for Bridge Spam with P.E.K.K.A./Battle Ram/Musketeer against the creator of Bridge Spam, Legend who went for Hog Rider cycle with Elixir Collector. Hecka asserted his dominance with a great prediction Log to clear the path for his Battle Ram to hit the tower at full speed and he managed to repeat this feat to take down one of Legend’s Princess Tower.
● Game 4 - Hecka with the match point decided to use the same deck while Legend choose a different Hog Rider deck that comes with Princess/Mini P.E.K.K.A./Rocket. Hecka relentlessly pressured Legend’s right lane and eventually forced a mistimed Rocket by the Vietnamese and lost a tower in the process. It was massive blow for Legend but he took down one of Hecka’s tower later on to stay in the match. Hecka was able to build a massive push on the right lane with 2 big momma P and knocked out the second Princess Tower and Legend out of the tournament.

Semi-final - TMD Xiake 3 - 1 Detective Hecka

Second seeded TMD Xiake faced the winner of the quarter-final, Detective Hecka. The winner of this match would progress to challenge Tali for the championship. Xiake banned the Golem card, one of Detective Hecka’s most effective card through the Regular Season while Hecka decided to ban the Tornado spell. That would theoretically be a favourable ban for him to play Lava Hound due to the Tornado/Executioner combination is a great counter against air attack.

● Game 1 - Hecka revealed his deck right away by playing the Tombstone, a common structure card within most Lava Hound decks. Xiake responded with Hog Rider/Bats and timed his Zap perfectly to destroy Hecka’s defensive Minions without losing a single bat. That push brought Hecka’s tower down to 740 health point but he responded with a good Lava Loon push to significantly weaken Xiake’s right lane tower. In Double Elixir time, Hecka played his Lava Hound from the back heading towards Xiake’s left lane tower. Xiake went all in at the bridge, revealing his Mega Knight. Hecka did not have any strong ground unit to stop it and eventually lost the game.
● Game 2 - Xiake predicted Hecka to switch to either Giant/Miner/Poison or Bridge Spam and opted for P.E.K.K.A./Miner/Balloon/Arrow. However, Hecka stuck to his gun and came back with his Lava Loon deck. It was the Mega Minion/Lava Hound combination that took down Xiake’s first tower and Hecka managed to sustain his momentum and went for the second tower to tie up the series.
● Game 3 - This game was not for the faint hearted. It went down to the wire as Xiake beat Hecka with his Graveyard cycle deck against P.E.K.K.A. Bridge Spam. Hecka lost the game due to his early mistakes, placing the Elixir Collector multiple times between the Princess Towers that allowed Xiake’s Poison spell to gain positive trade by damaging both the Pump and the tower during his Graveyard pushes. Hecka realized his mistake but it was too late as the Skeletons spawned from the Graveyard and the Poison spell chipped the tower down to give Xiake’s the match point.
● Game 4 - Hecka took a big risk as he opted for an off-meta 3 Musketeer deck. However, the decision to include the P.E.K.K.A. in his deck was an odd one as Xiake is not known to play beatdown decks and the Golem was banned. However, big momma P is still a good counter against Xiake’s X-bow but it failed to get close enough to destroy the siege weapon. Xiake defended his X-bow amazingly with Tesla and Archers to allow his win condition to lock onto Hecka’s Princess Tower and brought it down to 116 health point. Hecka had 2 Elixir Collector on the arena but Xiake parked the bus and defended the rest of the game, taking out Hecka’s tower with Log in the process and secured his spot in the Grand Final match against Tali.

Grand Final - Tali 3 - 0 TMD Xiake

The number one seed of the tournament, Tali, sported a sleek khaki jacket with confidence and his confidence was reflected in his decision to ban the Clone spell, one of the least used card within the Clash Royale competitive circuit. It was a throw-away yet strategic ban as it would allow Tali to keep his deck choices open and kept Xiake’s guessing but he could safely discount X-bow decks as the Taiwanese banned the siege weapon from the match.

● Game 1 - Tali started the game with a Hog Rider and Xiake responded with Goblin Barrel followed by a Miner after the goblins were Logged. However, his Miner was caught by Tali’s Tornado spell and activated the King’s Tower. The activated tower would significantly reduce the effectiveness of Xiake’s win conditions. Tali brought his Cannon Cart for a stroll and it distracted Xiake’s Princess Tower long enough to allow the Vietnamese Hog Rider to get two swings onto the tower. Xiake’s P.E.K.K.A. was the only counter against the Hog Rider and Tali knew if he could distract the P.E.K.K.A. long enough with Ice Golem, he would win the match. Combined with great defending by Tali, utilising the Ice Wizard and Tornado to break down all of Xiake’s attacks expertly.
● Game 2 - Both players opted for Goblin Barrel as their win condition. Tali went with the Log bait with Tornado while Xiake used his personal concoction, mixing Mega Knight/Furnace in his deck. However, the lack of Log and Arrow in Xiake’s deck made his task to tie up the series much tougher. Tali played the Log Bait deck to perfection, defensively, he was able to keep his Princess alive with impressive timing and precision to frustrate Xiake while offensively, he was able to play prediction Log to accompany his Goblin Barrel on multiple occasion to remove Xiake’s Goblin Gang, the only effective counter against the barrel.
● Game 3 - Tali with the match point in his hand, went back to the deck he used in Game 1 while Xiake opted for P.E.K.K.A./Miner/Balloon. Yet again, the only good counter against Tali’s Hog Rider was the P.E.K.K.A.. Xiake overextended himself early on with a wasted Fireball but managed to get his Balloon to weaken Tali’s tower. Tali’s mistimed Tornado was too late to pull the Balloon away but he remained calm and defended superbly before pulling off an impressive offensive Tornado to drag Xiake’s P.E.K.K.A. away from his Hog Rider. The Hog Rider’s hammer crushed Xiake’s Princess Tower along with his hopes and dream of winning the CCGS SEA Championship.

Tali deserved to be crowned as the CCGS SEA Champion and represents the region at London’s CCGS World Finals. He finished top of the leaderboard in Regular Season and was rewarded for it with his placement in the Grand Final as the first seed. TMD Xiake, Detective Hecka and Legend would have a second chance to play for the second World Finals’ ticket on November 24th. They will be joined by Regular Season 5th placed, Nova YaoYao and they will play in a Double-Elimination tournament, the winner will join Tali and 14 top Clash Royale players from around the world in London.


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