Chisin (CCGS Southeast Asia Commentator)

Chisin is the Founder and Owner of Royale Premier League (RPL), a Clash Royale global team league. He is highly-regarded for his roles in building a strong and active community in Clash Royale and also created the Clash Royale team league format within the game’s competitive and professional communities.

While organising RPL across 3 regions, he took up the opportunity to cast in RPL Asia Pacific regular season. Chisin has also collaborated with CCGS NA Spring season caster, Fullfrontage and Hollywood Hammers’ Backstabx for the RPL World Championship Finals match between Nova eSports and XJJ 薛家軍.



Lysander Xonora (CCGS Southeast Asia Caster)

Lysander Xonora has been commentating in esports events for almost 4 years now.

Hailing from Singapore, the media student first stumbled upon his career when he happened to win a local caster talent search, which opened the door for him to many other opportunities. From there, he slowly built his name up and eventually was offered the opportunity to do live events, where he found his passions.

Clash Royale was one of these passions. Initially, Lysander only played this game on behest of his little brother, but he soon found the game to be more strategically gripping than anticipated and before he knew it, he had been playing for more than a year.

Casting CCGS has been an amazing opportunity for Lysander and he is glad to be able to witness first hand the mindsets and strategies of the pros. He has since found a new burst of motivation to fight through level 13 Royal Giants and strive for a higher trophy count.